Designer: Lorenzo Silva & Hjalmar Hach

 Artist: Giulia Ghigini

 Age: 6+

 Players: 1-5

  Playing Time: 15′

A cooperative game where you and your friends search for wacky characters and items hidden in dark places brimming with absurd things!

Available at Gen Con (Indianapolis, August 1-4) at the Horrible Guild (#1354) and Flat River Games (#1429) booths!

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Spotlight contents

A co-operative hidden object game for 1 to 5 players, in which you and your friends search with your trusty flashlight for wacky characters and items hidden in dark places brimming with absurd things!

In Spotlight your goal is to find as many as possible to advance your pawns on the track and cross the finish line, without any player being reached by the Moon pawn that is chasing you.

The game is played over five rounds. Each player has a different board composed of a transparent layer on top, depicting a different part of the game scene, and a black cardboard background, that makes everything dark and difficult to see.

Spotlight game setup

At the beginning of each round, the hidden picture to search is determined by looking at the card on top of the deck. When everybody is ready, players start looking for the hidden picture on their board with their “magic” flashlight, which can illuminate the board thanks to its white spot.

When the sand timer runs out, players must stop searching, put down their flashlights, and set their dial on the number of hidden picture they think they have found. Then, they reveal the back side of the hidden picture card, which shows how many it was actually possible to find. The more you found, the more your pawn advances on the track…but beware, the Moon pawn will advance, too!

If the Moon overtakes any player’s pawn, you can spend a rush token to get them back in front of the Moon, but if you lack rush tokens, the game is over and you all lose! If all players cross the finish line without being caught by the Moon, you all win!




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