Railroad Ink Challenge

  Designers: Hjalmar Hach, Lorenzo Silva

 Artist: Marta Tranquilli

The critically acclaimed roll and write game that is all about connections. Plan your routes, connect the exits around your board, expand your transportation system, and reach networking nirvana! Play solo to beat your own best scores, or challenge players from all over the world!

100% asynchronous multiplayer mode
Online leaderboards

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Railroad Ink Challenge App - Available on all devices!

The official adaptation of Railroad Ink Challenge, the critically acclaimed roll and write game by Hjalmar Hach & Lorenzo Silva, is here. Play against players from all over the world Online or locally with your friends in Local Pass & Play mode!

Railroad Ink Challenge™ is a quick playing game about building connections. Each round you roll the dice and draw the routes to connect the exits around your board. Your goal is to expand your network with railways, highways and stations to collect points, but you will be penalised for any open connections, so you’ll need to plan carefully!

Connect special structures to your network to trigger special effects: duplicate a route with Factories, gain bonus points by building Stations next to Villages, and unlock extra special routes with Universities. Each game also features a different set of optional, time-limited in-game goals. Try to complete them before they expire to score even more points!

Create a game and start playing right away! You can send invites to your friends: players joining your same game later will play with the same exact goals and round-per-round dice that you dealt with, creating a fully asynchronous challenge! Who will get the best score?


  • • Watercolor-style artwork that is well suited to the relaxing experience of the game
  • • Network planning gameplay, make the best use of the available routes each round
  • • 100% asynchronous multiplayer challenges, never wait for other players to join before you can start to play
  • • Cross-platform online mode, play with your friends on any supported device
  • • Online leaderboards (Daily, Monthly, and All-Time)
  • • Single Player mode with new Challenges every day
  • • Daily Challenge with special rules and variable setups
  • • Many Trophies to achieve

Available DLCs

Forest Expansion DLC

Railroad Ink Challenge - Forest DLC Desktop version

Railroad Ink Challenge - Forest DLC IconCreate lush forest landscapes! Build lush forests and interweave them with your regular networks to create beautiful scenic routes in a natural paradise. Build the biggest forest you can!

Desert Expansion DLC

Railroad Ink Challenge - Desert DLC Desktop version

Railroad Ink Challenge - Desert DLC IconGrow cacti in the arid desert climate! Build oases next to cacti to protect them before the next heat wave appears, or they will be destroyed by the harsh desert climate. The more cacti survive, the more points you make!



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