Flower Fields

  Designer: Luca Bellini, Luca Borsa

 Artist: Fabio Frencl

 Age: 8+

 Players: 1-4

  Playing Time: 40′

A competitive tile-placement game, where your goal is to create the most attractive flower garden!

Available at Essen SPIEL ’24!

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Flower Fields game setup

A competitive tile-placement game for 1 to 4 players, where your goal is to create an attractive flower garden!

Flower Fields is played over 3 Seasons, each composed of a variable number of rounds. On your turn, you must perform 1 action, either taking Flower tiles from the Field and placing them in your garden, taking Bees from the Field, or placing Bees in your Garden. When taking Flower tiles, you should pick the next tile after the Sun marker in the circle around the Field, but you can spend Bees from your reserve and place it on that tile to “skip” it.

Manage your Bees wisely and pick the best Flower tiles. Flower tiles must connect to at least another tile in your garden. Create large flowerbeds of the same color and use your Bees to pollinate them and increase their value. Collect Hives and get rid of Spider Webs to gather more Bees at the end of the Season. A Season ends when the last Flower tile has been taken from the circle around the Field. At the end of the third Season, the game ends.

You score your most valuable area of each color: Red/Yellow/Blue areas are worth points equal to the number of spaces times the number of Bees in that area; white areas are worth 1 point for each space in that area. You also get 5 points for each full row and/or column in your Garden board.




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