Similo: Board games '23


SIMILO: Board Games is a special line in the Similo series celebrating the beautiful world of board games. The 2023 edition of this promotional deck features many of the new games available for the first time at the 40th edition of SPIEL (Essen, Germany, October 5-8, 2023).

Seize your copy this October in Essen! It’s free if you buy one of the games portrayed in the deck.

Only available while stocks last, grab yours before it’s too late!

SIMILO: Board Games was made possible thanks to a spirit of cooperation and playfulness that we share with the many publishers, designers, and artists who took part in this project.

You will find Similo: Board Games ’23 at our booth (Hall 5 – 5G112), at SPIEL’s booth (Hall 6 – 6B408), and at the booths of the other participating partners that you may find below.

Our thanks go to:

Hans Im Glück - Meeple logoA special thanks to Hans im Glück for using the Meeple logo. The Meeple is the figure which originates from the board game Carcassonne.

Project History

SIMILO: Board Games debuted at the 2022 edition of SPIEL, the international toy fair held annually in Essen, Germany. It is basically a playable catalog of the best novelties of SPIEL, a great way to inform and entertain at the same time.

The first edition was distributed in more than 5000 copies (available at our booth and at the booth of all 40 participating partners, including Days of Wonder, Gigamic, Hans im Gluck, CGE, Ravensburger, Matagot, CMON, and many more).

Similo: Board Games ‘22 immediately proved quite popular with gamers: it quickly went out of stock after just 2 days. Some of the participating publishers even told us that they had people go to their booth and buy their game that was included in SIMILO: Board Games just to get a copy of the promotional deck!

It goes without surprise, then, that SIMILO: Board Games is happening again in 2023!


The SPIEL organization and renowned German magazine Spielbox are both marketing partners of the 2023 edition of SIMILO: Board games!

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