Unicorn Fever – Metal Carrot

The Metal Carrot, A.K.A. the first player token, upgrades the cardboard component included with the base game.

Enjoy the shiny luxury of being the first player to place bets!

Unicorn Fever


This is an accessory for Unicorn Fever!
Core game is required to use it.



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Unicorn Fever is a tactical betting game where unwitting unicorns and their mindless desire to run on rainbows are exploited by unscrupulous citizen of the fairy realm for profit… and glory!

In Unicorn Fever each player is a wealthy bettor, determined to be recognized as the most skillful unicorn-race wagerer of the Great Unicorn Racing Championship and hold this title until the next rainbow appears. During 4 races, players will try to place successful bets to gain Victory Points and Gold.

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