Tiny Turbo Cars – Space Team Expansion

  Designers: 4Brains4Games, Hjalmar Hach

 Artists: Edu Valls, Fabio Frencl Jr.

 Age: 10+

 Players: 2-4

  Playing Time: 40′

The Space Team Expansion for Tiny Turbo Cars introduces 3 additional sci-fi themed race cars and 2 Junction tiles full of hi-tech hazards!

Tiny Turbo Cars Box


This is an expansion for Tiny Turbo Cars!
Core game is required to play.



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Tiny Turbo Cars - Space Team Expansion Content

Tiny Turbo Cars™ is a frantic race game for 2 to 4 players where you program the movements of your tiny toy car in advance, with a sliding puzzle acting as your remote controller.

Defy the laws of gravity, venture into the cyberspace, and meet alien creatures from the cosmos with the Space Team Expansion!

3 additional sci-fi themed race cars (Blargop, Space Rover, and Robotron) are accompanied by 2 Junction tiles, introducing more hi-tech hazards to your races.




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