Railroad Ink – Archipelago Board

Test your railroading skills with the Archipelago Board, divided into four 4×4 Islands that may be connected to the neighboring Islands through Bridge spaces! It also features a new Special Building, the Warehouse, which allows you to “store” routes and save them for later use.

Are you ready to dive into this new challenge?

Railroad Ink Game Series

This is an accessory for Railroad Ink™ or Railroad Ink Challenge™! At least one core game is required to use it.



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In the critically acclaimed puzzle game series Railroad Ink™, you roll the dice and draw the routes to connect the exits around your board. Expand your network with railways, highways and stations to collect points, but you will be penalised for any open connections, so plan carefully!

Each game in the Railroad Ink™ series includes two expansions with additional dice sets that add new special rules to your games! Further expand your experience with the Expansion Packs, full of new unique expansions with different rules to test your wits!

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