Quicksand – Danger Mode

Test your Quicksand skills with Danger Mode! This mini-expansion allows you to replay all of the levels from the base game with a higher difficulty level thanks to a Dangerous sand timer that triggers game over as soon as it runs out of sand.

Do you have what it takes to beat the Danger Mode?

This is an expansion for Quicksand!
Core game is required to use it.



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Quicksand™ is a real-time cooperative challenge for 1 to 7 players, where you work together to deactivate the Quicksand, an ancient apparatus of gears and sand!

Beware! You can’t act too fast nor too slow or it will trigger: only perfect teamwork will allow you to disable this ancient apparatus. In turns, you play cards to flip and advance one or more sand timers; your goal is to prevent any of them from running out before you deactivate the contraption. Sand timers rest on Gear tiles, each distinguished by a different combination of shape and color. Each of your cards depicts only 1 shape -or- 1 color among all those available, and when you play a card, all sand timers on matching tiles are flipped and advanced to the next tile–whether you want them to or not!


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