Potion Explosion – Lotion of Invisibility

Become the perfect thief with the Serum of Invisibility, that allows you to steal an ingredient from one opponent’s Pool or incomplete Potion!

Mix the eight bottles set to the components of the Potion Explosion™ base game and take on a new challenge!

Potion Explosion


This is an add-on for Potion Explosion!
Core game is required to use it.



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Potion Explosion Series

Enjoy the rules of the Lotion of Invisibility for Potion Explosion, and steal Ingredients from your opponents!

In Potion Explosion™ 2 to 4 players are students attending the final exams of the Potions class! They need to complete their potions using the marbles they collect, drink them to unleash their magical power, and ultimately win the Student of the Year award!

Take an ingredient marble from the dispenser and connect marbles of the same color to take them too! Use the ingredients you collect to complete your potions and score points, then drink them to unleash their magical power…

Collect as many Skill tokens as you can, because when the game ends the player with the most points will be the winner!

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