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One More Quest – Printable Target Board

The Target Board is the fundametal tool to play One More Quest!

Get ready to throw your die so it lands as close to the centre of a Target as possible… and expect the Supreme Dungeon Mastermind to complicate your throws with special restriction, to further increase the spectacle and challenge!

Hit the target with your die, or die laughing as you try!

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One More Quest is a dexterity-based, comedy roleplaying game of dungeon-crawling adventures
set in the world of the Dungeon Fighter™ board game!

Welcome to Middlewhere, a world populated by lazy overlords and weird creatures, such as hipster gnomes, reversed sirens, and moisty batrachian princes looking for love. In One More Quest, you assume the role of dungeon fighters, a motley band of screw-ups and desperate vagrants, forced into the lifestyle by misfortune or bizarre ambition.

If you already play roleplaying games, but don’t know what to expect from a dexterity based one, it’s actually pretty simple. The core concept will be familiar to veterans of the Dungeon Fighter™ board game: when you take decisive action, you throw a die so it lands as close to the centre of a Target as possible. You can play as a rogue, but can you play like a rogue?

To increase the spectacle and challenge, every action applies a special throw restriction. When a dungeon fighter hides from a guard, the player throws from under the table. When a dungeon fighter performs a distracting dance, the player spins around before they throw. Each situation is unique and plays by its own rules.

Games are run by a Supreme Dungeon Mastermind (SDM), who narrates play and speaks for non-player characters. SDMs are supported by chapters of monster profiles and farcical story hooks, and a streamlined system using familiar mechanics (character classes, combat rounds, health points) but jettisoning complicated minutiae (spell slots, damage types, multi-stage dice rolling). The ruleset is engineered for both casual and experienced RPG players, perfect for laughing with friends with these unexpected twists of classic fantasy scenarios.



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