One More Quest – Deluxe Eyecon Dice Set

Behold the fanciest way to show everyone who’s the best Dungeon Fighter in town: the Deluxe Eyecon Dice Set!

This package includes a set of 6 deluxe One More Quest d6 dice with a marbled translucent finish: get ready to hit the target with your die, or die laughing as you try (but with style)!

One More Quest Core Box


This is an accessory for One More Quest!
Core game is required to use it.



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One More Quest™ is a dexterity comedy RPG of dungeon-crawling adventures set in the world of the Dungeon Fighter™ board game! A hilarious roleplaying game where you don’t roll dice. You throw them.

The game rules are simple: when you take decisive action, you throw a die so it lands as close to the center of a Target as possible. You can play as a rogue, but can you play like a rogue?

To increase the spectacle and challenge, every action applies a special throw restriction. When a dungeon fighter hides from a guard, the player throws from under the table. When a dungeon fighter performs a distracting dance, the player spins around before they throw. Each situation is unique and plays by its own rules!

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