Wilderfeast In-Depth Look #7 | The One Land

Wilderfeast In-Depth Look #7 | The One Land

Welcome back to Wilderfeast Restaurant! Our tasting menu offers a series of insights into the lore of the One Land and various aspects of the game mechanisms. In this seventh course, we will serve a hearty meal that will introduce you to exotic flavors from around the world of Wilderfeast: we’re talking about the One Land itself!

The One Land is not an easy place to live. Multiple extinction events have nearly wiped out life on the planet, and the continent is littered with both the bones of vanished species and the ruins of fallen civilizations. Yet after each apocalypse, new life always grows from the ashes.

Humans are relative newcomers here, having arrived as refugees some two thousand years ago. Due to this world’s tumultuous history, their technology seems anachronistic to us, combining futuristic, magical salvage with tools made from stone and bone. We wanted to make the One Land welcoming for all players, and so any cuisine or culture from the real world can find its parallel here. At the same time, we’ve taken care not to copy from any of our inspirations thoughtlessly. In every region of the One Land, there’s a dash of fantasy to keep things imaginative and larger than life.

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Take, for example, the Sen Coast. When you look at the map, the Sen Coast is barely more than a sliver of land on the supercontinent’s rim. But within this region, there is a huge diversity of wildlife, environments, and people. Its craggy mountains, windswept beaches, and towering forests are modeled after the natural features of California — if said features were transplanted into a land of megamonsoons and strange seasons when worms boil out of the earth. Likewise, the food here takes inspiration from four regional Chinese cuisines, but with a few monstrous twists.

The Sen Coast has its own history and local troubles. But no matter where you go in the One Land, you must contend with the planet’s global conflicts too. The greatest of these is the legacy of the greenkings.

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In a past age, this ruling class of nobles discovered a recipe that turned them into giants. The transformation granted them not only increased size and strength but also the ability to mutate monsters like sculptors molding clay. Using this power, the greenkings took monsters from the wild and bred them into larger, stronger, and stranger forms. The giant arksteel tools they used to cook these monsters are the same ones that you, as wilders, now wield as weapons.

Then, a cataclysm wiped out the greenkings and almost destroyed human civilization. The giants vanished, and their feral creations scattered across the continent.

For centuries, the survivors assumed the giants were gone for good. But recently, a powerful trading conglomerate called the Charter excavated the site of the greenkings’ demise, where they unearthed the lost recipe for gianthood. Armed with the ancient power, artifacts, and knowledge of the greenkings, the Charter now expands rapidly from the One Land’s arctic core.

Yet something is wrong with these new giants, who can’t seem to manipulate life the way the greenkings once did. And their growth comes at a cost, for where they and their otherworldly technology go, the supernatural virus called the frenzy follows.

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In some ways, the frenzy is a normal disease, spreading through infected meat and causing recognizable symptoms like pain and aggression. But in other ways, the frenzy is a terrifying unknown. If left unchecked, hosts who survive the initial stages can grow up to triple their normal size, becoming titanic vectors of disease called apex monsters, all while their symptoms become eerier and harder to explain. There is a connection between the giants and the frenzy, but it’s going to take an enterprising pack of wilders to find out what it is.

The One Land sprawls before you, full of secrets to discover. Some wilders prefer to keep their focus small, studying their corner of the world intimately and learning about all its everyday details. Others are intrigued by the grander mysteries, traveling across the length of the continent in search for answers. As a wilder, what path will you choose?

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We hope you reveled in the aftertaste of this seventh course of our Wilderfeast tasting menu. Next time we will serve you a special off-menu dish, a triumph of design insights in backstage sauce, cooked by an exceptional chef: KC Shi, author of Wilderfeast… our next entry is the Designer’s Diary!

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