Wilderfeast In-Depth Look #6 | Wilders

Wilderfeast In-Depth Look #6 | Wilders

Welcome back to Wilderfeast Restaurant! Our tasting menu offers a series of insights into the lore of the One Land and various aspects of the game mechanisms. In this sixth course, we will serve a platter of charcuterie and cheese, with flavors as varied as the personalities people may have: we’re talking about Wilders!

In Wilderfeast, players take the roles of a wild-eater, better known as a wilder. You are human, though you might not look like it, as with every hunt you incorporate part of another monster into yourself. The first among your kind dedicated their lives to containing the frenzy, the incurable curse which amplifies hunger, pain, and rage in a vicious cycle.

But despite their best efforts, the frenzy now circulates with virulent speed across the One Land. Hope remains that you can save the monsters threatened by the supernatural disease, but it is a hope that requires diligence and sacrifice.

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Wilders travel in packs, but they are not a formal order. No central authority or hierarchy governs them, and each is free to decide both what harmony with nature means and also how they hope to achieve it. Some wilders live like cave-dwelling beasts, clad in rugged furs and eschewing all polite company. Others act like wandering knights, adored by some and hated by others, their artful mutations forever separating them from those who have not sworn their oaths.

Wilders sleep in the ruins of the greenkings, in the cargo holds of rattling trains, and in the dens of long-toothed monsters who consider them family. They come from every background, and their travels take them across the width of the One Land.

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You decide what path you walk as a wilder. But though you follow no creed but your own, all wilders still perform the same duties.

You hunt monsters. Wilders scavenge their oversized arksteel weapons from ancient greenking ruins, and few others can even lift their trademark arms. With such a tool in hand and packmates by your side, you track down monsters whose frenzy advances too far to manage, and you put them down before they hurt themselves or anyone else. Many wilders wish gentler forms of euthanasia were an option, but these berserk titans never fall quietly.

You cook monsters. The frenzy spreads from fallen corpses, but you know the techniques to prepare frenzied meat and make it safe for consumption. Eating your hunts is what gives you your powers, and while all creatures in the One Land take a measure of supernatural strength from their meals, only wilders undergo such permanent and dramatic transformations. The One Land’s best wilders are also its most skilled chefs.

You feed monsters. Healing the world takes more than just killing your way through it. You must also care for the injured and orphaned monsters left behind. Your beliefs dictate when it is right to interfere with the often callous reality of nature, but if you refuse to act at all, then it won’t be long before the One Land’s most wondrous creatures disappear entirely. You comfort, cure, and raise monsters who’d die without your help, and in doing so you demonstrate your humanity — or, perhaps, a quality that transcends it.

Go forth in hunger, wilder. The trail awaits you.

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We hope you cherished the aroma of this sixth course of our Wilderfeast tasting menu. Next time we will serve you a hearty meal that will introduce you to exotic flavors from around the world of Wilderfeast: our next topic is the One Land itself!

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Wilderfeast™ is a game by KC Shi, writer for tabletop RPGs such as Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, the Uncaged anthology, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, and One More Quest. Cover art by Xulia Vicente.

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