🐙 🦑 Horrible Guild at Essen SPIEL 2021! 🦑 🐙

🐙 🦑 Horrible Guild at Essen SPIEL 2021! 🦑 🐙

We are happy to officially announce that we will be at SPIEL 2021!
After skipping one year because of… well, you know why, the largest tabletop gaming fair in Europe is back, and it will be held October 14-17 in Essen, Germany… this means that it’s just one week away!

Horrible Guild at SPIEL 2021

Read below to discover what you’ll be able to find if you’ll pay us a visit at our new location in Hall 3, booth 3F111!

Horrible Guild at SPIEL 2021 - Railroad Ink

Railroad Ink Challenge™ is debuting at SPIEL! You’ll find both the Lush Green and the Shining Yellow editions, as well as all of the mini-expansions (Engineer, Electricity, Futuristic, Sky, Underground, Eldritch, and Arcade). With so many themes and game mechanisms to choose from, there’s really something for every taste!

Horrible Guild at SPIEL 2021 - Similo: Spookies

Similo: Spookies™ is the latest entry in the Similo™ series! Get ready for the Halloween season with more than 30 new “horror” characters wonderfully illustrated by Naïade, such as the Witch, the Vampire, the Headless Horseman, the Werewolf, or even the Grim Reaper itself!
This deck was previously only available as DLC for Similo: The Card Game, the official digital adaptation of Similo™.

Horrible Guild at SPIEL 2021 - Horrible Gadget

But that’s not all! You will also find our other games, such as the previous entries in the Railroad Ink and Similo series, as well as Unicorn Fever with the Royal Hooves expansion (making its debut at Spiel for the first time), Vampire: The Masquerade – Vendetta (also debuting at Spiel)… and loads of other promos for our games, gadgets, and extras!!

Horrible Guild at SPIEL 2021 - Mistery Box

To celebrate our return to Essen, we’re launching another giveaway contest! Follow this link (or push the button below) and join the competition for a chance to win a “Mystery Box” containing one of our new Spiel releases and a load of “Horrible” gadgets!

Remember, you will find us at SPIEL October 14-17 in Hall 3, booth 3F111. We hope to see you in Essen!
And don’t forget to join our community on Discord and Facebook to meet fellow players and share your experiences!

Until next time!

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