Horrible Guild at SPIEL ’22!

Horrible Guild at SPIEL ’22!

Are you ready? The largest tabletop gaming fair in Europe is back… we are talking about SPIEL ‘22 of course! This year, the fair will be held October 6-9 in Essen, Germany… that’s just one week away!

NOTE: Even if you’re not attending SPIEL, keep reading! We have a special promotion that you might find interesting at the end of this email! 😉

Horrible Guild at Essen SPIEL 2022 - Map

You will find us in Hall 3, booth 3F111… and 3F112 (yes, we’ve grown up a little!). Read on to find out what we have in store for you this year!

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Similo: Board Games

Introducing Similo: Board Games, a new deck in the Similo series that we created in cooperation with several other board game publishers to celebrate the world of board games! Will you find out the secret board game?

The best part is that you can seize a free copy of Similo: Board Games if you buy one of the games portrayed in the deck, including our own SPIEL brand new releases (more on those later)!

You will find Similo: Board Games at our booth, at SPIEL’s booth (3H100), and at the booths of the other participating partners. The deck will only be available while stocks last, so make sure to grab yours before it’s too late!

The list of partners involved in this initiative is quite long: AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit, Ares Games, Board and Dice, CGE, CMON, Cranio Creations, Days of Wonder, Devir Iberia, DV Games, FryxGames, Gamelyn Games, Gigamic, Hans im Glück, Heidelbaer, Horrible Guild, Iello Games, KOSMOS, Lucky Duck Games & Cardboard Alchemy, LudiCreations, Ludonaute, Matagot, MEBO, Mojito Studios, Pandasaurus Games, Pendragon, PHALANX, Post Scriptum, Ravensburger Germany, Rebel Studio, Red Glove, Restoration Games, Sitdown-games, Spielworxx, Stonemaier Games, Synapses Games, Thundergryph Games, Triton Noir – Ubisoft, WizKids.

All the other Similo decks will also be available for purchase, of course: Fables, History, Myths, Animals, Wild Animals, Spookies… and the two latest entries in the series, Similo: Harry Potter and Similo: Fantastic Beasts!

Similo is a cooperative deduction game designed by Hjalmar HachPierluca Zizzi, and Martino Chiacchiera, with art by Naïade.

Evergreen - A tree-growing abstract strategy game for 1-4 players

Evergreen is a tree-growing abstract strategy game where your goal is to build a lush ecosystem by planting seeds, growing trees, and placing other natural elements on your planet, trying to make it the greenest and most fertile of all.

The game will debut at SPIEL after an extremely successful preview launch at GenCon, were it went sold out earlier this year. Evergreen is designed by award-winning author Hjalmar Hach, with art by Wenyi Geng.

The Great Split, a drafting game for 2-7 players where you build a prestigious collection of riches!

The Great Split is a drafting game for 2-7 players where you build a prestigious collection of riches by trading cards with the other players through an “I Split, You Choose” mechanism.

The Great Split is designed by Lorenzo Silva and Hjalmar Hach, the award-winning duo behind smash hits such as the Railroad Ink series and The King’s Dilemma, with art by Weberson Santiago.

Promos for The Great Split and Evergreen!

We also have promos that you can get together with your purchase at our booth! A special Wild Biome card for Evergreen, an additional Character tile for The Great Split, and more! Enamel pins, neck lanyards, calendars, stickers… as well as bundles and special offers allowing you to get more horrible stuff for a discounted price!

The King's Dilemma: Chronicles - Coming in 2023!

But that’s not all! Alongside our board gaming tables, you’ll also find a demo booth for The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles, the single player narrative driven RPG video game whose story is based on our critically acclaimed 2019 legacy board game of the same name. It will be available on PC in early 2023, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist right now!

The King’s Dilemma: Chronicles is being developed by Big Trouble Game Studio, an indie video game developer and publisher based in Milan and founded in 2022 by Lorenzo Silva, Horrible Guild founder and CEO.

SPIEL@HOME! A limited time offer!

Last but not least, if you won’t be able to travel all the way to Germany to try our latest games… fret not! We have a special offer that is made just for you! Introducing… SPIEL@HOME!

Starting on October 6, you will be able to get free shipping for any order placed on our shop over 30€ / $30 and receive our brand new SPIEL releases–as well as our other products–directly at your home!

This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss your chance! For more information, push the button below and pay a visit to our shop!

Join us in Essen this October 6-9! You will find us in Hall 3, booth 3F111… we look forward to seeing you there! And if not, we hope you’ll take advantage of our SPIEL@Home special offer!

Until next time!

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