Potion Explosion – The Sixth Student Expansion

  Designers: Lorenzo Silva, Andrea Crespi, Stefano Castelli

 Artist: Giulia Ghigini

 Age: 8+

 Players: 2-6

  Playing Time: 30/45′

The 6th Student expansion for the award winning Potion Explosion comes with a shiny new plastic dispenser and introduces a new game mode to add the 5th and the 6th player to the table!

Potion Explosion


This is an expansion for Potion Explosion!
Core game is required to play.



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Potion Explosion - The Sixth Student components

Huge renovations are ongoing at the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards!
A new dispenser, bigger halls, and more players!

The second expansion for the award-winning Potion Explosion™, The 6th Student includes an additional plastic dispenser and a special set of additional rules to increase the player count until up to 6 players! Including the same plastic dispenser found in the second edition of Potion Explosion™, this expansion is also compatible with the first edition, allowing players to upgrade their old copy with a plastic dispenser from the new edition.

This expansion also introduces a new kind of wild Ingredient that can’t be mixed with any other Ingredient, the Mandragora Leaves, and two new kinds of Potion tiles that you can use along with the ones from the base game and the first expansion, Potion Explosion™ – The Fifth Ingredient: the Generosity Confection and the Concentrate of Selfishness.




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