Quicksand Bundle

This Quicksand Bundle is the perfect way to dive into a real-time cooperative challenge where you work together to deactivate an ancient apparatus of gears and sand!

Inside you will find Quicksand core game, the Danger Mode Expansion to make your games even harder, and a pack of Custom Card Sleeves to protect all the cards in the game!

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Quicksand - Danger Mode


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Quicksand – Custom Card Sleeves


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Quicksand™ is a real-time cooperative challenge for 1 to 7 players, where you work together to deactivate the Quicksand, an ancient apparatus of gears and sand!

In turns, you play cards to flip and advance one or more sand timers; your goal is to prevent any of them from running out before you deactivate the contraption!

Flip a sand timer too soon and you can get into trouble all by yourself… but if you wait too long, game over will be inevitable. You will have to coordinate strategically as a team to deactivate the Quicksand before the sand timers run out!

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