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Hello, we are Horrible Guild...

Horrible Guild is an Italian board game publisher. Known as Horrible Games until late 2019, the company has been founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Silva. Our goal is to design, develop and produce cool and innovative games capable of bringing fun to everyone: we try to make our games stand out from the crowd, both for visual style and gameplay mechanics.

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... and this is the Horrible team!

About Us - Lorenzo Silva

Lorenzo Silva

Author of Horse Fever (2009), Dungeon Fighter (2011), Potion Explosion (2015), Railroad Ink (2018), The King’s Dilemma (2019), and loads of other stuff. Founder & CEO of Horrible Guild. Punk lover. Pathologically impatient.
About Us - Hjalmar Hach

Hjalmar Hach

Lead Designer & Head of R&D
Musician, composer and game designer. He discovered board games in 2015: it was love at first sight. His most beloved offsprings are: Photosynthesis (2016), Railroad Ink (2018), The King’s Dilemma (2019) and Similo: The Card Game (2019). Claims to have lived more than 100 different lives.
About Us - Federico Corbetta Caci

Federico Corbetta Caci

Head of Narrative & RPG
The only things he loves more than his horses are red wine and sludge metal. By contract, he has to yell “character arc!” at least twice a day. Thinks life is a roguelike, but no one really cares.
About Us - Alessandro Pra'

Alessandro Pra'

Lead Editor
Can’t stay away from the sea for too long. Music lover. Sax and EWI player. Amateur photographer. Free software enthusiast. Nintendo Addict.
About Us - Carola Corti

Carola Corti

Project Manager
Socially slow, usually dressed like Waldo. By day she loves tennis, comics and roguelike games (not necessarily in this order). Turns her brain off at 11 pm. She asked for a period of adjustment before being able to formulate a better bio than this.
About Us - Andrea Lugli

Andrea Lugli

Project Manager
Beer, board game and football are his perfect cocktail mix. If it is added a pinch of adventure and a life in nature to him, he will forever be a happy man.
About Us - Renato

Renato "Renè" Sasdelli

Project Manager
Hates air conditioner and cold. Among other things, loves the sun, open airs, samba, caipirinha, football (soccer) and, of course, boardgames.
About Us - Alberto Putignano

Alberto Putignano

Digital Products Developer
Computer scientist who someday knocked his head and decided to become a game designer (we’ll see how that goes). Has a soft spot for retro visuals and Japanese urban photography. On a quest to end all quests.
About Us - Camilla Muschio

Camilla Muschio

Sales & Production Manager
She can eat everything and sleep anywhere, Never question her will to ask… if anything, she asks too many questions. Curious, cat lover. She loves cinema and playing for fun.
About Us - Ylenia D'Abundo

Ylenia D'Abundo

Production Coordinator
Always smiling, she loves to travel and learn new things. The enthusiasm and passion for board games distinguish her. She also loves Mediterranean cuisine and music.
About Us - Laura Severino

Laura Severino

Administration Manager
She is an old soul and a bookworm. She loves everything retro-styled, cute things, purple and punching out components from new games.
About Us - Giulia Monte

Giulia Monte

Administration Coordinator
Always in search of a good thrill, no matter if in the first row at a rock concert or among the pages of an adventure book. Open minded and curious about the world. Loves to find new strategies and challenges, in life just as in boardgames.
About Us - Noa Vassalli

Noa Vassalli

Lead Graphic
A simple guy. He loves red, winning and Diplomacy. Infamous turncoat: do not ally with him in any game, he will betray you.
About Us - Nicolò Sala

Nicolò Sala

Graphic Designer
He presents himself as a promising young tennis champion, but he spends most of his free time trying to play anything that looks like an instrument. He loves modular systems of any kind and connecting things together.
About Us - Davide Amici

Davide Amici

Marketing Manager
Half games enthusiast, half music lover, 100% cheerleader. Draws energy from the sun but believes blue light emissions will keep him younger. Bronze Age nostalgic.
About Us - Matteo

Matteo "MaC" Carioni

Marketing Coordinator
A heart of screaming black metal lined with fine Victorian fabrics. Always willing to play, especially if miniatures are involved. World-class tableflip athlete.
About Us - Federico

Federico “Toy” Dossi

Logistics & Events Coordinator
Assembled in 1984. Hutt and Ghostbuster, gelatinous cube lover. Protonic batteries included (expected lifespan: more than 5000 years). Keep away from microphones. Worst toy ever!
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