Save the date: Castle TriCon 2020

Save the date: Castle TriCon 2020

Please join us for CASTLE TRICON 2020, taking place from Saturday to Sunday, September 26-27th. It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to a new event, but one that has a strong foundation.

The challenges of this year for publishers, distributors, and retailers are vast, as they are for all people, non-gamers and gamers alike. The best we can do is to adapt to this new situation. This requires us to expand into new platforms to present our games, so we can hopefully bring more joy to the tabletops of the world. We believe that gaming is more important than ever, and we would like to show that – even if these are strange times we live in.

We have seen that the introduction of new games is more challenging than ever, and an increasing number of digital conventions are popping up weekly. This is why we have decided to try something new as well. HEIDELBÄR GAMESCZECH GAMES EDITION and HORRIBLE GUILD invite you to join us for an exclusive international online event, open to all public visitors on weekend Sep 26-27th 2020.

The show will take place in a unique and playful digital solution, that is in the making while you are reading this. All you have to do for now is SAVE THE DATE to get ready to meet these three publishers, as close as possible. For more information, please track our web page, where we’ll keep posting updates and also registration form shortly. You can already sign up to our newsletter there for all information coming up!

To taste a bit of the magic, there is a sneak peek from the world we are just building for you on the website! Feel free to share it with your gaming friends, and let’s have a full convention hall again!

Castle TriCon 2020 - CGE Games
Castle TriCon 2020 - Heidelbaer Games
Castle TriCon 2020 - Horrible Guild Games
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