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The Tentacoins Fidelity Program is reserved only to registered users of Horrible Guild website.

The Fidelity Program allows registered users to accumulate points called Tentacoins for every purchase made on our site. Each product corresponds to a number of Tentacoins indicated both on the product page and in the cart. The Tentacoins will be credited only after purchase and can be verified in the reserved area of your account.

Tentacoins - Product page
Tentacoins - Cart

All products (with the exception of digital apps and downloads) grant Tentacoins for the Fidelity Program, including those on offer and / or promotion. In addition, to increase your Tentacoins balance, you can access special promotions or purchase bonuses offered by us during the year.

Your Tentacoins balance will always be visible in your personal account every time you log in with your username and password.

Tentacoins - Account balance

Tentacoins, at the moment, does not expire: you can use them when you prefer.

With the accumulated Tentacoins, you can get discount coupons for your purchases: with 100 Tentacoins you can get a 10% discount coupon, while with 150 Tentacoins you can get a 20% discount coupon. Please note that these discounts can’t be cumulated or used in conjuction with other discounts. You can redeem your points during the checkout.

If an item is returned, the corresponding Tentacoins will be deducted at the time of the return.

If the Tentacoins to be deducted have already been spent on a further purchase, the sum corresponding to the price of the returned product will be refunded, net of the Tentacoins to be deducted.

Note: Tentacoins can be used to discount the price of a product but cannot be used to cover shipping costs.

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